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The Dog Bone!

Apparently I have a thing for tools and equipment named after animals. My most recent purchase (and must-have tool for you) is no exception. It’s called a TWIST-GRIP SPLINE DOG BONE WRENCH by Thorsen. I’m sure you’ve heard of or seen them in your local hardware or department store. I must admit that I was… Continue Reading

Bigger Butts Are Better…

…in reference to vinyl siding, of course. ‘Tis the season for home improvements, and folks are looking for ways to make their homes more maintenance-free. One great improvement to consider is vinyl siding. It’s a great way to achieve a new look while knowing you’ll never have to touch your house with a paint brush… Continue Reading

The Early Bird…

What’s with this crazy spring weather?! It seems like we’ve relapsed from March right back into February.  Does this mean that Christmas 2010 is right around the corner?? At any rate, spring weather IS just around the corner (I think…), and it’s time to replenish the mulch around your home. I’m just like everyone else,… Continue Reading

Cut the Cost!

With folks struggling to survive financially, even the small things can help.  A new extension cord can cost you $100 bucks or more, depending on length and rating.  Why not fix your old extension cords rather than replace them?  It’s quite easy, even with no electrical experience.  Below is an article outlining the process –… Continue Reading

Get ’em While They’re Hot!

Would you care to save some serious money? If you hurry, this is a GREAT POSSIBILITY. I don’t know if you keep track of shingle cost or not (I do……What, that’s not normal?), but shingle prices have risen exponentially in the last six months due to a variety of market influences (natural disasters, crude oil… Continue Reading

Don’t Cheat Yourself

Bottom line: you simply cannot believe the claims that a company makes about its product, right? When was the last time your Big Mac actually looked like the one in the picture? Yeah…. Well, I may have found the one exception: Dutch Boy Dimensions Self-Priming Paint. Seriously, this stuff is THE BOMB! Continue Reading