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Home Remodel – Edgerton, Ohio

This one-story ranch home outside Edgerton received a major makeover in May 2013!  We addressed areas outside as well as inside, including new vinyl siding, aluminum fascia/soffit, Crestline 300 double hung windows, vinyl shutters, a Crestline bay window, two patio doors, one interior door, solid pine wainscoting, and renovating a garage into a living room! … Continue Reading

Complete Home Remodel – Bryan, Ohio

ONE OF MY FAVORITES!  Of all the work I’ve completed over the last four years, this has to be my favorite.  We addressed every aspect of the exterior of this home, including a 20′ porch extension, premium Timbercrest vinyl siding, new white aluminum trim, board and batten shutters, triple pane Crestline double hung windows, and… Continue Reading

This is why I ONLY install OWENS CORNING shingles…

Recently, I was asked to repair a roof on a ranch home near Antwerp – the homeowner said they had lost some shingles in a wind storm.  Typically, this means that a roof has been neglected and is far beyond its expected timeline (buckling shingles, major shrinkage, and valleys that are all but destroyed).  Not… Continue Reading

Once Bitten, Twice….DRY?

If anyone has ever worked with plumbing, you know it’s a bloody nightmare. You start a job expecting to be done in an hour, and all hell breaks loose. Old fittings fail, new fittings are the wrong size, pipes break, water sprays, drips linger, and it ends up taking a full day and 25 frickin’… Continue Reading


Imagine, trying to complete your weekend bathroom remodeling project with hands that are dry, cracked, bleeding, and blistered.  NOT a pleasant experience, and your wife hates the blood stains you leave on the nice, new cabinetry.  Hmm… THIS IS MY DAILY EXISTENCE!  Don’t get me wrong, I still love what I do, but this is… Continue Reading

To Vent, Or Not To Vent

Customers ask me all the time whether or not they should have some sort of ventilation in their roof. Unequivocally, my answer is YES! I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to pull “extras” out of my clients (we actually don’t even charge extra for the service – just materials), but it’s the honest-to-goodness… Continue Reading

The Keller MultiLadder

On occasion, I like to pimp out some of the tools I use on a daily basis. This one is no exception, and I highly recommend it for your garage or workshop. I don’t go anywhere without my Keller Multiladder. I think the first time I saw a ladder of this nature, it was the… Continue Reading


Any idea what part of your roof will usually leak first? Unequivocally, the answer is the valley. I’ve been on hundreds of roofs over the last decade, and it’s always the same. The shingles in your valley will deteriorate at a faster rate because they serve as “catch-alls” for, well, anything that falls on your… Continue Reading

Never Get Kissed Again!

If you’re like me, you enjoy tackling minor electrical jobs around the house, anything from replacing an old outlet to updating ceiling fans or new light fixtures. After all, it’s fun, right? With a little knowledge and some practice, you’ll find it an enjoyable way to invest in the value of your home at a… Continue Reading

Three Wishes, Anyone?

In this day and age, most new homes are built with no less than a three-car garage. Uhhhhh, yeah, a bit excessive if you ask me (but I DO really wish I had that much space). Garage door maintenance is a big issue that today’s homeowner must face. When a garage door opener takes a… Continue Reading