Breezeway Refurbish - Rustic Knotty Pine Beaded Planks - Hicksville, OhioBIG CHANGE!  If you love the country rustic look, this may be an idea for your home.  Walls are done completely in a tongue-and-groove solid pine plank.  All doors and windows are trimmed out in a matching solid pine 1×4 casing and jam trim.  Baseboard is a beefy pine 1×10 throughout.  Ceiling is done in a 1/4″ utility plywood (finished one side) that can be stained or painted.  This plywood was affixed with finish nails as well as heavy duty construction adhesive (sub surface was reinforced with screws).  In addition, a new steel insulated door was installed to keep the cold, moist air in the garage, helping to keep the house at a more comfortable temperature.  The finished look is great, and the room smells wonderful like a rustic cabin in the Smokey Mountains!  If I can update the look of any room in your home, hit me up.  Estimates are always FREE – 419-212-3200.