Bow Window Installation - Crestline 300 - MenardsThis area used to be a large picture window with two side double hungs, but they were single pane, drafty, and rotten at the sash. The customer wished to have a large bay window to brighten the room and create more space.  Our solution was a prebuilt Crestline 300 bay window with a sixteen inch depth and solid pine top and bottom shelves – NICE!  It features all the amenities of a normal Crestline premium window (double pane insulated, double hung [sides], Zo-e glass, full screen, etc.), but features the added depth and shelf space for plants, picture frames, collectables, or anything else.  Dimensions for this particular model are approximately 107″ wide by 54″ tall (which is about as big as they come), and needless to say, IT WAS QUITE HEAVY!  It took four of us to hoist it in to position and secure it to the rafters above.  After a little custom trim work (top and bottom, inside and out) and soffit modification, it looks pretty SWEET and this customer is ecstatic with the results!  The possibilities of what I can do with your house are endless; all you have to do is give me a shout! 419-212-3200

BEFORE - Drafty, single pane, picture window with double hung on each sideBow Window Installation - Crestline 300 - Menards
Bow Window Installation - Interior Pine Trim w. Rosette Block CornersBow Window Installation - Interior Pine Trim w. Rosette Block Corners
 Bow Window Installation - Crestline 300 - MenardsBow Window Installation - Crestline 300 - Menards