Imagine, trying to complete your weekend bathroom remodeling project with hands that are dry, cracked, bleeding, and blistered.  NOT a pleasant experience, and your wife hates the blood stains you leave on the nice, new cabinetry.  Hmm… THIS IS MY DAILY EXISTENCE!  Don’t get me wrong, I still love what I do, but this is a problem that weekend do-it-yourselfers and professional carpenters alike must contend with.  Virtually every material we work with (vinyl siding, lumber, drywall joint compound, asphalt roofing, glass, concrete, steel) does a number on our hands.  What is the solution?  Get yourself a second skin.

I always wear latex-dipped cotton/poly “blue gloves,” no matter what I’m doing. They’re tight-fitting, functional, and, yes, stylish (ummm…kind of). Currently, the style I have is made by Wells Lamont, but I’ve found the brand name really doesn’t matter. I picked these up at Meijer, I believe, 3/$10. What matters is how they protect my hands. They ARE a second skin that absorbs the abuse. Cuts, scrapes, dryness – you name it! In addition, the latex fingers and palms give me a grip that’s twice as strong. I can pick up twice the weight (drywall, plywood, lumber, etc.) without the material slipping out of my hands. It really is quite cool! I used to wear the traditional leather work gloves, and they worked fine as far as protection. What I didn’t appreciate about them was the loose fit bulkiness that made it impossible to pick a nail out of my tool pouch, grab my pencil, or really do anything that required fine motor skills! These “blue gloves” fit tight, retain moisture, and I can throw them in the washing machine when the day is done to start it all over again.  They even come in a thicker style for winter conditions.

Hey, bottom line: “blue gloves” are cheap, they work, and YOU need to get a couple pair for your workshop! Your wife will thank you. =)