If anyone has ever worked with plumbing, you know it’s a bloody nightmare. You start a job expecting to be done in an hour, and all hell breaks loose. Old fittings fail, new fittings are the wrong size, pipes break, water sprays, drips linger, and it ends up taking a full day and 25 frickin’ trips to the hardware. Yeah, kinda makes you want to curse your momma’s name.

Well, a plumber’s life has gotten a little easier with a product called SHARKBITE. They have created a line of plumbing fittings that really simplify the process of making connections, adding shut-off valves, and virtually any other task a plumber may face. All you do is cut the existing pipe (copper, PEX, or PVC) and slide the Sharkbite down about an inch. Stainless steel teeth grab the pipe securely locking the fitting in place [get the name now?]. No solder, no glue, no pipe dope, no teflon tape, no unions – nothing……nothing but BRILLIANT [to sound like the Guinness commercial]! Check their website: www.sharkbiteplumbing.com/

This product is highly recommended for amateurs and professionals alike (and, no, I’m not getting any kickbacks………yet). You can get them at Big C, Menards, and many other fine hardware stores. All I’m saying is, I keep a variety in my toolbox, and they come in very handy. Dude, you WANT this sharkbite!