…in reference to vinyl siding, of course.

‘Tis the season for home improvements, and folks are looking for ways to make their homes more maintenance-free. One great improvement to consider is vinyl siding. It’s a great way to achieve a new look while knowing you’ll never have to touch your house with a paint brush again. Now THAT’S appealing! But, as with any home improvement, there are options. Vinyl siding can cost anywhere from $45 per 100 sq/ft all the way up to almost double that. What exactly do you get for the extra cost?

One, the thickness will increase from .04″ up to .05″ or more. Thicker siding will be more resistant to hail and objects hurled from below your mower (yeah, it happens to all of us). In addition, thicker siding will have less tendency to sag or appear wavy. However, some will say that thicker siding shows seams (shadow lines) more prominently.

Another advantage of more expensive siding is that it will have a double-strength nailing hem. Likewise, there may be a larger, double locking strip at the bottom edge and the availability of metal starter strip (as opposed to plastic). All these features increase the product’s high-wind resistance.

A larger variety of colors may be available with better quality siding. Reason? Darker colors can be offered without significant fading due to better combinations of resins and/or protective glossy finishes.

Finally, more expensive siding will usually come with more realistic wood-grain design as well as a thicker butt (bottom edge). Butt thickness of cheaper siding may be as thin as 3/8″ – better quality siding will measure 1/2″ or even 3/4″. Simply put, the siding will look better (more dimensionally appealing) with the thicker butt, and it will resist sagging over time.

Bottom line: when it comes to vinyl siding, you must be educated about your options. One fact, however, remains true: bigger butts are truly better!