Bathroom Remodel Renovation - Bryan, OhioROT-BE-GONE!  This bathroom suffered from a rotten floor and wall due to years of a leaky tub surround.  We opted to pull all the drywall from the affected wall to start with a clean slate, as well as achieve access for some minor electrical issues.  We installed a proper electrical box for the light fixture, moved it up a bit to make way for a new larger medicine cabinet, and moved a GFI outlet up from floor level to a more accessible level up by the sink.  To address the rotten floor, we had to remove multiple layers of flooring, luan, and 1×12 boards to achieve acces to the floor joists.  After some 2×8 reinforcement in the area, we installed some solid 3/4″ & 7/16″ OSB to bring it back up to level.  Finally, a new glueless vinly floor was installed and the existing fixtures were replaced.  Top it off with new pine baseboard and a new silicone caulk seal around the tub surround, and this bathroom looks as good as new!  I can do major surgery on your bathroom or just touch up some surface areas.  All you have to do is call for a FREE ESTIMATE!  419-212-3200