OUT WITH THE OLD – This bathroom had, at some point, been renovated and had an unusually small 26″x46″ steel bathtub installed.  This miniature tub was terribly cramped, required a major leg lift to enter, and was just generally odd!  The solution was to install a spacious 34″x48″ walk-in shower by Lyons.  This shower unit features an Ultra-Gloss acrylic surface for easy cleaning, a tiny 2 1/2″ curb for easy entry, and a square cast drain assembly for a sharp modern look.  The surround has two large inset shelves, a shaving ledge, and it features a sturdy nail-to-stud attachment (as opposed to a glue-on surround).  Top it all off with a semi-framless sliding bypass shower door system by Sterling (Finesse Peak), which features CleanCoat technology (an anti water spot coating on the inside of the glass doors).  The Delta Porter faucet has a lifetime warranty for years of functionality and enjoyment.  Included with my installation price is all new rough plumbing from the floor up, shut-off valves (if applicable), and a sturdy mortar bed for a great feel when you step in to your shower.  Homeowner added the accent tile after I finished.  Hit me up for a FREE ESTIMATE on the bathroom of your dreams – 419-212-3200.