STANDARD INSTALLATION DONE RIGHT – There is really nothing “standard” about replacing a bathtub.  To be done correctly, it takes brute force combined with finesse, years of experience, and attention to detail.  This is exactly what I bring to the process.  I have twenty years experience in home remodeling, and I treat your home as if it were my own.  A bathtub replacement usually only takes two days to complete (aside from possibly coming back a third day to sand drywall mud).  I have a flat rate for this service, provided there is no rot or alcove modification that must be corrected.  The process starts with a complete removal of the old unit and plumbing, regardless of whether it is steel, cast iron, or fiberglass.  Starting with a clean tub alcove is the only way to ensure everything is done correctly and for the long term.  Included with the installation is a high quality, easy-to-clean Lyons tub/shower unit that is set in a sturdy mortar bed, nail-to-stud surround with ample shelf space, all new rough plumbing from the floor up (including shut-off valves, if applicable), a quality Delta faucet, and all necessary drywall work sanded smooth and ready for the homeowner to prime and paint.  Did you know that this tub unit requires NO CAULK since it has watertight  flanges included with the surround.  This means no mildew buildup, yellowing caulk, or re-caulking required in the future!  The finished product looks great, functions beautifully, and will last for decades.  Reach out if you need a brand new tub in your home.  Estimates are always FREE – 419-212-3200.