MIX IT UP!  We really did a lot of moving around on this one, in regards to rough plumbing.  The homeowner wished to have more space to accommodate the laundry equipment in this large bathroom.  To accomplish this, we permanently removed the hot tub, a stub wall, and we even acquired about 32″ of additional space from an adjacent closet.  This created room for a new 48″ walk-in shower without impeding the window.  On the other side of the room, we removed a bathtub, widened the alcove a bit, and installed the proper water lines, electrical connections, and ductwork for the laundry equipment.  Additionally, the toilet was moved 12″ to the right to create more space.  Finally, after a little drywall work, some new light fixtures, quality vinyl plank flooring, and new cabinets by John Battershell, this bathroom/laundry room looks incredibly spacious and very attractive.  Give me a shout if I can create your dream bathroom – the sky is the limit!  Estimates are always FREE: 419-212-3200.