BATHROOM REMODEL – HICKSVILLE, OHIO – This new tub/shower is a Lyons Elite fiberglass acrylic unit that is super easy to clean and features ample storage on its four corner shelves.  As always, I install the new tub in a sturdy mortar bed for years of strength.  The tub surround is high quality nail-to-stud, which means it is securely fastened to wall studs with both screws and construction adhesive.  It’s caulkless design is nice, since caulk always eventually discolors and fails.  The wall sections are sealed with a hidden flange (see picture below) to prevent water penetration.  The old vanity was a custom size, which would have been very expensive to custom make, so the homeowner decided to opt for a standard 48″ vanity by Magick Woods.  This option created new gaps on either side of the vanity, but saved hundreds of dollars over a custom model.  The 49″ top is a Tuscany white marble with overflow protection, rolled edges, and integrated bowl and backsplash (lifetime warranty).  With a vanity replacement, I always include new quarter-turn shut-off valves, stainless braided supply lines, and plastic trap.  Since we changed the footprint of the old vanity, this required new floor covering.  I always opt for a high quality vinyl plank flooring due to its durability and the fact that it’s 100% waterproof (perfect for a bathroom).  This particular flooring is Shaw Hudson (Weathered Pine) which features a 20 mil wear layer and a pre-attached acoustical pad to reduce noise and increase comfort.  It carries a limited lifetime residential warranty.  The new baseboard is a bold 5 1/4″ colonial style white solid vinyl, so no need to worry about rot or having to paint in the future – brilliant!  Give me a call or text if I can help update your bathroom; most remodels can be completed in just 3-5 days.  419-212-3200