BACK FROM THE 70s!  This bathroom was heavily outdated, but it was in amazingly pristine condition for being over 40 years old!  Nonetheless, I was asked to provide some much-needed updates to these well-maintained facilities.  For starters, I replaced the old cast iron tub (without shower, mind you) with a new Lyons Elite acrylic coated fiberglass tub & shower wall unit (biscuit color).  Likewise, all the old tile was removed from the walls, and Bathroom Remodel - Edgerton, OhioI applied two thin coats of drywall mud to even out the rough surface and taper it into the above drywall.  The outdated, inefficient toilet was replaced with a Diplomat low water flusher.  The flooring is a brown taupe glueless vinyl/latex sheet flooring by Tarkett (lifetime warranty on wear and manufacturing defects).  It is super thick and cushioned, and lays right over top of the existing flooring.  Edges are cut back 1/4″ to allow for expansion and contraction, and all edges are trimmed out with solid pine 4 1/4″ colonial baseboard.  A new GFI outlet with LED nightlight was installed, along with a secondary outlet on the opposite side of the vanity.  Finally, we added a bathroom exhaust fan (properly vented outside) to eliminate unnecessary build-up of moisture and potential mold.  This bathroom now looks like a million bucks (although it didn’t cost quite that much), and it’s entered the 21st Century with style!  Give me a shout if I can help your bathroom.  Most bathroom remodels cost between $2000 and $6000 (labor and materials) depending on how in-depth and what type of fixtures you choose.  All you have to do is call for your FREE ESTIMATE:  419-212-3200