CONDENSED! This small bathroom was just off the garage and kind of served as a mudroom.  The homeowners didn’t really use it, and it actually made the entry from the garage a bit cramped.  We helped them out by first eliminating the small stand-up shower, vanity, and medicine cabinet.  The toilet was moved to the back wall where the shower originally stood, and the new pedestal sink was shifted to where the old toilet was.  Additionally, I dismantled the old doorway and rebuilt it at a 90 degree angle to how it originally stood.  This made the bathroom slightly smaller, but also created much more space in the entry hallway.  New vinyl plank flooring and a strong LED light fixture really completes this job!  Remember, with every bathroom I remodel, I include new quarter-turn shut-off valves, stainless braided supply lines, and traps.  Give me a shout if I can help your bathroom! 419-212-3200