CAN YOU SPARE A FEW DAYS?  Usually, in just 3-5 days, I can completely remodel your entire bathroom. This particular bathroom used to be a closet back in the day; needless to say, it was a little tight for two guys to work in! Regardless, we removed the cast iron tub and cheap glue-one surround and swapped it out for a nice, easy-to-clean fiberglass acrylic shower base (with built-in seat) and high quality nail-to-stud surround (with built-in shelves). New sliding bypass doors are nickel frame with mist glass (Sterling Finesse Peak).  The old medicine cabinet was surface mounted to the wall, so we opted to frame the new one right into the wall cavity to create a little more much-needed breathing room. We brought the single electrical outlet up from floor level to a more user-friendly height above the sink and swapped it out for a GFCI protected outlet with built-in LED nightlight. The homeowners had a continuing problem with mold on the ceiling, so we installed an 80 CFM exhaust fan/light combo right in the shower alcove, ducting it directly to the outside. The little hanging sink was swapped out for a nice 18″ Magick Woods vanity and top, along with a nice Delta Porter single-stem faucet. The old toilet was replaced with a studly Mansfield Summit, which boasts a 10/10 flush rating! (Did you even know they rated toilet flushing power?)  Finally, the old vinyl tile floor covering was a bit dated, so the homeowners settled on an affordable yet durable vinyl plank flooring (Smoke by RidgePlex), which can be installed directly over an existing floor. This bathroom is now 100% modernized and in mint condition, and the homeowners are ecstatic. Can YOU spare a few days for a brand new bathroom? Give me a shout for your free estimate: 419-212-3200.