TOTAL GUT & REPAIR – This bathroom was long overdue for an upgrade.  The old 3″ cast iron waste line was leaking into the downstairs kitchen every time the toilet was flushed.  YIKES!  As a result, we opted to replace all rough plumbing (waste and supply lines) from the basement up.  Since the sub floor and wallboard was going to be replaced, it gave excellent access for the plumber to accomplish this task.

After all new moisture resistant drywall and 3/4″ plywood sub floor was installed, we were able to start installing the fixtures.  Homeowner wished to have the window removed so we could install a high-quality nail-to-stud surround (slightly modified due to the low sloped ceiling).  As always, the tub was set up in a hefty mortar bed.  Due to the limited space in this bathroom, the homeowner opted for a small pedestal sink rather than a vanity – it really looks sharp!  Other upgrades include a new inset medicine cabinet, light fixture, and 10/10 power flush toilet.  The floor covering is a high quality sheet vinyl by Tarkett (Dove).  To alleviate bathroom moisture, good quality Broan exhaust fan/LED light was installed, properly vented outside the house.  Finally, we took the opportunity to add a GFI protected outlet next to the sink (since the walls were opened up).

This bathroom has a completely updated look and all rough plumbing is brand new!  Give me a shout if your bathroom could use a little facelift – estimates are always FREE!  419-212-3200