COMPLETELY NEW LOOK – Every aspect of this old bathroom was addressed.  The old cast iron tub was removed along with the cheap stick-on surround (which was leaking profusely).  I like to install a new fiberglass/acrylic tub and nail-to-stud surround for a quality look and ease of cleaning.  Likewise, I install the tub in a sturdy mortar bed for years of stability.  The wall-to-wall vanity was replaced with a 49″ chocolate brown model (white top) to create a small space on the left side for a trash can.  Faucet is a high quality Delta Porter with lifetime warranty.  Once the wall tile was removed, it left behind a nasty uneven glue surface.  The homeowner wanted to have a solid pine shiplap siding installed to cover the inequities and create a clean, modern look.  The pink toilet had to go!  I installed a high power Mansfield Denali toilet.  First, though, there was a hefty amount of rotten subfloor (two layers) around the toilet that had to be repaired.  The new flooring is a vinyl plank by Shaw (Hudson – Weathered Pine), which is completely waterproof and perfect for bathrooms.  The old bathroom exhaust fan had seen better days, so I swapped it out with a high-powered 110 CFM exhast fan with LED light.  Most fans like this are simply vented about 20″ into the attic space, which is not ideal.  Most attics are vented, but the warm moist air should ideally be vented directly to the outdoors.  I like to run a 4″ insulated duct line (to prevent condensation dripping) all the way to the soffit and vent it through a spring-loaded device that closes while not in use.  Finally, I installed two new hanging pendant light fixtures (brushed nickel), upgraded the outlet to a GFI, and swapped out a couple switches.  Remember, my price includes all new quarter turn shut-off valves, stainless braided supply lines, and drain pipes from the floor up.  THAT’S A WRAP!  I can remodel your bathroom any way you can imagine – all you have to do is call for your free estimate: 419-212-3200.