Sell-Even Aluminum Soffit & Fascia Replacement - Hicksville, OhioUPDATE & ROT REPAIR!  This home already had aluminum soffit & fascia, but it was poorly ventilated due to vents that were too widely spaced, as well as nearly two inches of blown attic insulation that had nestled on nearly all the soffit.  In addition, some fascia boards along the back were extremely rotten because of sagging eaves.  After replacing the rotten fascia boards, we replaced all soffit with triple-groove vented aluminum (lifetime warranty) to really bolster the air circulation in the attic.  The new aluminum fascia is heavy duty smooth, which provides extra resistance to dents & buckling.  To top it off, Gutterman of Edgerton (419-298-3269) will be installing new seamless gutters all around!