9x10 Bedroom Creation - Cecil, Ohio INCREASED HOME VALUE!  This farmhouse in Paulding County was a four bedroom, two bath house – until I got a hold of it!  At the top of the stairway was somewhat of a large landing, which had no real practical use by itself.  The homeowners had made it a quasi-bedroom for their child, but without walls it had no privacy.  That’s where I came in!  I framed up two walls, installed a 30″ door (to match the others), and ran wiring for some new outlets and a ceiling fan/light.  Privacy achieved!  Additionally, this home can now be listed as a five bedroom, two bath home, which will greatly increase its market value!  The homeowner is going to paint the walls, install new carpet, and hook up the ceiling fan to save a few bucks.  Call if I can help increase the value of YOUR home!  419-212-3200