8 x 8 Shed Refurbish - TimberCrest Vinyl Siding, Alum Fascia - Payne, Ohio - Hicksville, Ohio - Edgerton, OhioRENOVATE and RENEW!  I built this shed a few years back for a rental property, but didn’t have time to make it maintenance-free.  The siding was wood T-111 grooved plywood and the fascia was just untreated 2×6 lumber.  After 8 years of weather and sun, it was time to update!  I started with a waterproof housewrap (Typar) to prevent any further water penetration.  Next step was to brighten up those fascia boards with a nice, white smooth aluminum fascia trim!  Then I installed a high-quality TimberCrest premium vinyl siding (left over from the house) – the color is a premium dark Cobalt Blue.  The final step was to remove the doors, wrap them, and rebuild them with 100% solid white vinyl trim planks.  To finish the project, I installed stainless steel hinges, clasp, and barrel bolts.  This project takes a couple of days and the results are amazing!  If you’ve got an old storage shed in the back yard that needs a facelift, I can help with that!  All you have to do is give me a shout: 419-212-3200.