8 x 17 Treated Wood Deck - Hicksville, Ohio

OUTSIDE LIVING SPACE – This is a pretty standard treated wood deck (8×17), except for the fact that I like to overbuild everything.  A typical deck of this size could be structurally sound with only six buried posts, but I decided to place eight posts spaced closer together to eliminate any bounce.  I also like to use 2×8 joists with mechanical hangers rather than a standard 2×6.  Likewise, since the first place a deck will begin to rot is the top of the joists underneath the deck boards (due to trapped moisture), I like to install a sticky butyl joist tape to eliminate this problem.  This particular deck is nearly 6′ off the ground, so I placed plenty of extra corner bracing to eliminate any swaying.  The custom handrail is bulky and designed to create a 6″ flat top surface to accommodate any drinks or plates while hosting parties.  Finally, the customer requested a solid skirting that would prevent any animals from taking residence underneath the deck.  Rather than a wood lattice (which can easily be broken and/or chewed through), I installed vertical deck boards to create a solid look and keep those pesky critters out!  It takes a little more time and materials cost, but it’s worth it!  If you are interested in creating more usable outdoor space around your home, hit me up.  Estimates are always FREE – 419-212-3200.