39" Corner Shower - Nickel door with Moraine glassLeaky shower issues??  This one had a cracked base, which was allowing water to seep through and rot the subfloor.  Tops of the nearby joists were quite moist, and it was only a matter of time before sagging would occur.  In its place, a new 39″ corner shower and premium surround (by Sterling).  This is the kind we nail to the studs, baby, not the “lick-n-stick” style that floppily adheres to your drywall.  Luckily, the 2″ drain line and trap fell right in between joists, making it quite simple to replace.  Two days, and this job is nearly complete!  Just a little more time required to patch the adjacent drywall and prep for primer and paint.  NICE!  A job like this can be accomplished for under $2K and in just 2-3 days.  Give me a call if I can help you give your bathroom a little facelift.  419-212-3200

Corner Shower BEFORECorner Shower BEFORE
 Old Corner Shower Removed Plaster Walls Removed - Preparation for New Unit
 Old Drain LineA mortar bed provides an excellent seating for a stable new shower base
 New 39" Shower Base Moraine Glass Sides
 39" Corner Shower - Nickel door with Moraine glass39" Corner Shower - Nickel door with Moraine glass