TIGHT QUARTERS – This 32″ x 32″ Lyons Linear fiberglass/acrylic shower is a great upgrade from the previous. The homeowner had tried a DIY shower re-surfacing kit, but the enamel didn’t adhere too well.  I always say the best option to properly upgrade your shower is to completely remove the old and start with a clean slate.  This new shower unit is made of an ultra glossy acrylic surface reinforced with fiberglass, which makes it super easy to clean, yet very strong.  It also features high quality nail-to-stud surround walls which are attached by both screws and construction adhesive.  Another plus is that this unit requires no caulk due to the hidden seals along both wall connection points.  It has two in-set shelves for ample storage, as well as a footrest.  Likewise, the shower base is installed in a thick mortar base for years structural support and enjoyment.  Top it off with a heavy duty semi-framless pivot shower door with 1/4″ thick glass (Sterling Finess) to keep all that water inside.  My labor price includes new shut-off valves (if required) and all necessary drywall work, sanded smooth for you to prime and paint.  Let me know if it’s time to replace your shower!  Estimates are always FREE: 419-212-3200.